Andy Revkin and the NY Times Surprised the Heck Out of Me on Natural Gas

I’ve taken enough potshots at Andy Revkin. It’s only fair I give him credit when looks deeper past the alarmism for more information.

He takes a good look at claims that natural gas drilling is responsible for huge methane leaks and finds that the methane most likely came from coal mines in the area.

It is worth a read.

Andy Revkin Annoyed With “Climate Change Contrarians” Being “Energized”

Andy Revkin has posted an attack on the researchers who sailed into infamy in the Antarctic on the ill-fated MV Akademik Shokalskiy.

He is using terms like “bungled trip” , “unessential expedition” ,  “misadventure”,  “distraction from serious research”  and “tarnish the wider field of Antarctic science”.

But reading between the lines, it is clear to me what Revkin is really trying to say.

1) He has never gone to Antarctica and therefore managed to avoid reporting on record sea ice in Antarctica.


2) The attention brought to record sea ice in Antarctica has “energized climate change contrarians“.


I would translate the term “distraction from serious research” as meaning “brought attention to the wrong pole” … the one with record sea ice.

If the bunglers in charge of the expedition had found open water and managed to blame it on climate change, he would have jumped in with both feet trumpeting their success.