The Big Green Insane Con – Half Of European “Renewables” is filthy, smoky, high CO2 Wood!

The big green con continues in Europe. While the USA is burning more and more clean natural gas, Europe is burning more wood!

“Which source of renewable energy is most important to the European Union?
Solar power, perhaps? (Europe has three-quarters of the world’s total installed capacity of solar photovoltaic energy.)
Or wind? (Germany trebled its wind-power capacity in the past decade.) The answer is neither.

By far the largest so-called renewable fuel used in Europe is wood.

In its various forms, from sticks to pellets to sawdust, wood (or to use its fashionable name, biomass)
accounts for about half of Europe’s renewable-energy consumption.

In some countries, such as Poland and Finland, wood meets more than 80% of renewable-energy demand.

Even in Germany, home of the Energiewende (energy transformation) which has poured huge subsidies
into wind and solar power, 38% of non-fossil fuel consumption comes from the stuff.”

Slaughtering Old Trees in Germany to Burn Coal And Close Down Nukes

In order to ensure the lights don’t go out after Germany’s latest stupid energy decision to shut down its nuclear power plants, they are slaughtering 12,000 year old Oaks to dig up up the dirtiest coal – Brown Coal.

Critics of the German government’s energy policy say it is unacceptable to raise C02 emissions by relying on coal as the country moves to switch off all its nuclear power plants by 2022. In order to extract the brown coal from the ground this winter, RWE will cut down 3,900 hectares of the 12,000-year-old oak and hornbeam Hambach forest, leaving just 300 hectares in tact.

Read about it here.

Previous tree slaughtering documented here.

Save The Coal – Kill and Burn Trees Instead

How insane. The Green AGW Cult is killing whole forests in North America and shipping the dead trees all the way to Europe to be burned for electricity instead of burning coal which has been dead for millions of years.

From the GWPF:

“A British government policy change is causing coal plants to convert to burning biomass, fuelling a huge increase in wood pellet exports from North America. But a new review of biofuels’ impact has cast doubt on their ability to tackle climate change.”

“The European policy is boosting exports of wood pellets from North America. American export volumes are forecast to increase from an estimated 1.5 million tonmes in 2012 to 5.7 million tonnes in 2015, according to the North American Wood Fiber Review.

Total Canadian exports to Europe in the second quarter of this year rose 14% from the first quarter, with reports of British Colombian pellet plants running at full capacity thanks to European demand.

Biomass-burning plants in the UK import most of their fuel, mostly from North America, which increases their carbon impact from transportation.”