Trudeau Screws Northerners – expected to live ‘in a giant park’

Trudeau really, really hates Canadians.

The premier of the Northwest Territories says people living north of the 60th parallel are essentially being asked to make their home in a “giant park” devoid of job opportunities.

Bob McLeod told The West Block‘s Vassy Kapelos that his territory has, for a full year, been left to starve economically as the federal government moves to combat climate change.

“I think southern Canada has to realize that we have people up there … people struggling to make a living,” said the premier, who was in Ottawa for several days last week.

There are approximately 44,500 people living in the Northwest Territories on a permanent basis, according to the most recent data, an overall number that has fluctuated only a little since 2007 when there were 43,374 residents.

About 11 months ago, Ottawa declared a unilateral moratorium on new oil and gas drilling in the Arctic — without, McLeod maintains, any consultation with either local government or the Indigenous population. While designed to be permanent, the moratorium is subject to a review after five years.

The U.S., under former president Barack Obama, has also permanently banned oil and gas development in U.S. waters in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas.

But McLeod says there hasn’t been any real effort to identify a replacement industry that could help support local economies that have always relied on the resources sector.

Northerners expected to live ‘in a giant park’ as southern Canada reaps oil, gas benefits: NWT premier