Peer-Review Scam

” In the past 2 years, journals have been forced to retract
more than 110 papers in at least 6 instances
of peer-review rigging. What all these
cases had in common was that researchers
exploited vulnerabilities in the publishers’
computerized systems to dupe editors into
accepting manuscripts, often by doing their
own reviews.”

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(h/t JoNova)


Big Surprise “Peer Review Ring”

I’m sure it is in fact no surprise that a “peer review ring” was operating at an academic journal.

“Every now and then a scholarly journal retracts an article because of errors or outright fraud. In academic circles, and sometimes beyond, each retraction is a big deal.

Now comes word of a journal retracting 60 articles at once.

The reason for the mass retraction is mind-blowing: A “peer review and citation ring” was apparently rigging the review process to get articles published.”

Original article at Retraction Watch:

SAGE Publications busts “peer review and citation ring,” 60 papers retracted