Cooling Weather Stations by decade from 1880 to 2000

As part of my investigation into the BEST data (which I do not trust, but I’d like to understand) I thought I would make a little gif movie of the stations that are cooling at 10 year intervals from 1880.

These are just the cooling stations that actually have data in 1880 (for example) and 2011.

And this is just for Latitude  25N to 70N and Longitude 160W to 60W. But most are in this region.

The count of stations cooling is the count for the region displayed.

You can see the number of stations rise as more stations have data, but also because it got warmer in the 1930s meaning the chance of a cooling trend to 2011 increased. And then the number of stations dropped into the 1960s/70s as it cooled off. And the numbers skyrocket as global warming (at least in the USA) somewhat ends in the 1990s.

The image is a large animated gif. If it isn’t moving clicking on it or refreshing the page should get it to restart.

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