HADCRUT4 – The Scammers Are Getting Shameless

HADCRUT4 is the new Met Office dataset designed to replaced HADCRUT3. Why do they need to replace HADCRUT3?

Because the trend for the last 15 years in HADCRUT3 is negative and therefore it must be exterminated – like the Medieval Warming Period.

The following graph compares HADCRUT4 to HADCRUT3. (Click for a larger version)

Take note of the following:

1) HADCRUT3 and HADCRUT4 overlaps until about 2002 with minor differences.

2) For some reason, after 2002, there appears to be corrections of .1 to .2C. Why was the data ok in 1997-2002 and suddenly it was so bad it had to be “corrected”.

3) What justifies a .2C adjustment up in 2007? Thats 40% higher!

4) Every place a red line is well above the blue they have adjusted up to make the the “new dataset”  hotter.

5) HADCRUT3 trend (the dashed line) was negative (-.016C/Decade). HADCRUT4 is positive (.033C/Decade).

8 thoughts on “HADCRUT4 – The Scammers Are Getting Shameless

  1. It is pathetic . The AGW theory is trash , and will be proven to be, although I would say the verdict is already in since the models have forecasted everything wrong, from stratospheric cooling, to a more +ao, to less olr ,to ohc failing to continue rise, the missing hotspot due to the positive feedbacks between water vapor and co2, clouds being a positive feedback, the reality is they are negative etc etc etc. The temp. trend not going up as predicted. What more is needed to prove they are full of BS!

    Then add to that the incomplete, inaccurate data ,and lack of compreheensive data the models have to work with in the first place and you get the expected result. A completly ridiculous projection on what the climate is going to do going forward.

    I will use past history as a guide to what the climate may or may not be doing going forward over what the models say anytime,

    anyday of the week.

    Past history is saying colder times lie ahead not warmer.

  2. Correction he said climate analysis . No we need 500 years ,give me a break. This field is the blind leading the blind ,leading the blind. From corruption of data, to inaccurate data, to spinning everything every which way etc. etc. etc.

    I think the ice cores with their past history data are giving more reliable data then what we are getting from current equipment.

    In the end the truth wil come out and the climate by this decade end is gooing to be enough colder where the fudge factor and spin is not going to be able to overcome it.

  3. nothing can justofy what they did. It is ridiculous. I think I am going to put a thermometer outside of my house and use that for global temperatures. Just kidding,but I think you all know what I mean.
    Not to worry ,that theory is wrong and has been proven to be wrong just by the data. Data does not support anything the models predicted, nothing.

  4. It goes on and on: the warming is getting more frightening every time we review it! and this trend doesn’t bother any one but the bad guys, the skeptics.

    The adjusted temperature data keeps getting further from the raw data. Won’t any of the warmists find this odd?

  5. This change would have Ibn al-Haytham, commonly known as the inventor of the scientific method, rolling over in his grave.

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