AGW Arctic Sea Ice Propaganda in 4 Easy Steps

AGW Arctic Sea Ice Propaganda in 4 Easy Steps

3 thoughts on “AGW Arctic Sea Ice Propaganda in 4 Easy Steps

  1. For comparison, the NIC ice charts showed that the “Record Arctic Melt” lasted exactly 1 month, from Sept. 16 to Oct. 16. The rest of 2012 ice extent was above 2007, at times by a great amount, as your graph shows.

  2. A record freeze is expected based on two things: 1) The extreme low, 2) The lack of massive heat gain (as opposed to 2007). The loss of sea ice this year was due to extreme thinness of the ice, a further repurcussion of the massive loss of volume in 2010 and decades of preceding loss of volume/thickness. That this year was going to be a record was apparent from CT area anomalies as early as late June.

    So it is clear that the record was inevitable before the storm, the storm just increased the size of the record.

    …snipped …

    1. I totally disagree a record was inevitable.

      “An unusually strong storm formed off the coast of Alaska on Aug. 5, then moved over the central Arctic. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite took the images that make up the mosaic during various passes over the North Pole on Aug. 6, when the storm was swirling over the middle of the Arctic Ocean. According to a NASA statement, there have only been about eight storms of similar strength during the month of August in the last 34 years of satellite records.

      Using Jaxa data, note that from July 20 all the way to Aug 5, Arctic Sea Ice area was higher than in 2007. The peak day was Aug 5th, when 2012 was 229,062 sq km more than 2007.

      Once the Cyclone hit, the ice broke and melted. It isn’t the apocalypse in the Arctic. It was weather!

      I snipped your sKs crap. I don’t argue with compulsive liars.

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