UK May Tmax temperatures cooling at -.618C / decade for 15 years

Using data from the UK Met, May Tmax (mean maximum temperature) in the UK is cooling at -.618C / decade for 15 years.

The warmest May Tmax (in the last 104 years) was 16.9C in 1992. May 2013 was 13.8C. Tied for 33rd coldest out of 104.

CO2 seems to not work in May in the UK ….

May UK Met Last 15 Years - UK - Tmax Anomaly



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  1. See Max Temp and Bright Sunshine Hours Central UK at for a full analysis of the Tmax.

    Cloudiness in Britain is the reason, or reduced cloudiness in the post 1965 days. Correlates and deconstructs mathematically to two warming periods since 1910.

    Germany TMax would be an interesting review.


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