42nd Daily Record of Year for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent – 250,000 sq km of New Ice in 3 Days

September 10th (Day 253) saw the 42nd Daily Record of the Year for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent. There has been 250,000 sq km of new ice in last 3 Days.

Click graph for bigger. Data is here.

Antarctic Ice Loss or Gain Last 150 Days (Up To Day 253 ) Antarctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2013_Day_253_1981-2010

5 thoughts on “42nd Daily Record of Year for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent – 250,000 sq km of New Ice in 3 Days

  1. I am not a scientist, but like to know about what is going on in the environment. I have looked at multiple links on this site about sea ice, and none of them tell the story in simple terms: is this good or bad? Why is it happening? Is it cause for concern? What are the environmental impacts? If you scientists want people to understand, you need to explain things…

    1. I think it is just normal cycles. There is a lot of evidence that the 20s and 30s saw similar ice melt in the arctic.

      But the start of the satellite era was a maximum for Arctic Ice and a minimum for Antarctic. Since then Artic ice has gone down and Antarctic has risen.

      May guess is that when the AMO switches, it will all reverse.

    2. Dear C, It is all quite simple………just follow the money. This has nothing to do with science but everything to do with politics. The extreme leftists were devistated when Daniel Ortega lost the election in Nicaragua over 20 years ago. They realized they couldn’t win at the polls with truth so now they use the environment and animals as their vehicle because polar bears and trees don’t vote.

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