Antarctica Sea Ice Extent All-Time Record Maximum on Sept 22 2013

Antarctica Sea Ice Extent set another all-time record of  19.51394 million sq km on Sept 22 2013.

The old record was 19.51234 million sq km which was set on September 14 2013 (Day 257).

The record was broken by .00264 million sqk km.

Click graph for bigger. Data is here.





    1. I like the NSIDC explanation of the difference:

      A simplified way to think of extent versus area is to imagine a slice of swiss cheese.
      Extent would be a measure of the edges of the slice of cheese and all of the space inside it.
      Area would be the measure of where there is cheese only, not including the holes.


      1. Good example and that is why during melt season it is better to use Extent charts instead of Area charts because melt ponds distort Area amounts not providing true coverage. Ice under the melt ponds do not show up in area maps.

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