MET Throws Hissy Fit Over Winter Temprature Predictions

“We saw similar headlines last year and instead winter 12/13 ended up being only the 43rd coldest on record with an average temperature of 3.3C and flooding until the turn of the year.”

Technically correct, but HADCET March 2013 was the 11th coldest March since 1659.

December 2013 was 3.3C colder than the warmest December.  January 2013 was 4C colder than the warmest January . And February 2013 was 4.7C colder than the warmest February.

No sign of global warming in HADCET for the winter months.

“While we have seen a return to more normal, cooler temperatures for this time of year, this is no indication of what we can expect over the next four months with regards to temperatures ”

Lets look at the last 15 years of HADCET for each month. What would you predict? 

HADCET  Last 15 Years



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