HADCET October 2013 – Very Warm

 HADCET (Central England Temperature) October 2013 was a warm one, unlike September.

I have 3 graphs for you. They are HADCET Mean, Min and Max. The Min and Max HADCET data is only available from 1878 on.

October 2013 is tied for 10th warmest using the Mean data, 11th warmest using the Max data, and 5th warmest using the Min data.

For the Max data, 1921,1959,1969,1995,2001,2006,2011,2005,1945 and 1978 Octobers were warmer  than October 2013.

Amazingly, October 1921 was 1.7C warmer than 2013 using Max data. Click on graphs to make bigger.

HADCET MEAN Monthly - OCT only 1663 to 2013

HADCET MIN Monthly - OCT only 1878 to 2013

HADCET MAX Monthly - OCT only 1878 to 2013

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