October 2013 USA State Ranking Map – Boy Was It Cold!

October 2013 in the USA was the 37th coldest since 1895 according to the NOAA.

The following map has the ranking by state. If there was a 119 (there was not) it would have been the warmest. 1 would have been the coldest.

As you can see, the whole western USA was well below normal. The center and the south were pretty average. And when the NOAA says average, they mean 50 or 60 Octobers were warmer.

For example, Oregon had the 11th coldest October. Which means 108 Octobers were warmer.




      1. Wow! That sure happened fast! I thought that once that storm passed and the wind died down, that the ice would fill in pretty quick, but not that fast.

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