USA NOAA February 2017 – 2nd Warmest Tmax Behind 1954

February 2017 was 2nd warmest Tmax. 1954 is still the record holder.


2017 Map of Tmax anomalies

1954 Map of Tmax anomalies


USA NOAA May 2016 Tmax – 49th Coldest out of 122 (-0.42F Colder Than 1901-2000)

According to the NOAA, May 2016 was ranked 49th coldest out of 122.

That is essentially a tie with May 2015.  The warmest May Tmax’s were 1934, 1936, 2012 and and 1939.


The following map shows state rankings. 122 = warmest. 1 would be coldest.

Note the states ranked 7th and 8th coldest. Wow. Not much El Nino effects …