100 Watt Lighbulbs Illegal in BC – Crack Pipes Legal in BC

Illegal in British Columbia Canada – 100W Incandescent Lightbulbs


Legal in British Columbia, Canada – Crack Pipe Vending Machines

Crakc Pipes

6 thoughts on “100 Watt Lighbulbs Illegal in BC – Crack Pipes Legal in BC

  1. Yeah,I live in B.C and this crack pipe machine isnt going over to well here..Its only 1 machine.

    Reason lightbulbs are banned,the U.S did the same thing,so we cant get them so it looks p.c (green) to ban them,since you cant get them.

    The Mayor of Vancouver is a loon.hope they vote him out this fall.

    Normal people in B.C dont live in some parts of Vancouver,get out into the Fraser Valley its all normal people.

    But we do suffer from the American left wing ideas,and seem to jump on them faster then Americans.

    1. Two machines so far. “Portland Hotel Society’s Drug Users Resource Centre set up two vending machines in the Downtown Eastside about six months ago. Each machine holds about 200 pipes and they are restocked every five days.”

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