Antarctic Sea Ice – 717,000 sq km Above Normal – Day 41

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is 717,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. Which is 23% above. Today was the first non-record day in 18 days.

Extent is 3.83 million sq km, and is still 140,000 sq km above the record highest minimum set in 2008.

I’ve added the 2008 Highest Minimum point to this graph. (But it isn’t looking as good for a new record now). Data is here. Click for bigger.



One Comment

  1. The peak of the Southern Hemisphere (down) of the Solar cycle has just happened. It occurred when the Sun was in the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth. The result was a large increase in the 10.7cm Flux to 190 sfu. This caused the Ozone layer to thicken over the entire Earth creating an increased amount of atmospheric insulation. It is a known fact that the Ozone layer thickens by increases in Solar Flux. They use the Flux value to help determine the changes in atmospheric drag on satellites.

    With infrared heat being reflected by the Ozone layer, less heat was able to escape to space. This will reduce the amount of sea ice in both the Arctic and Antarctic slightly.

    Next year, when the Flux will be in the 130sfu range (Sunspots at 120), the sea ice will increase and break new records in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

    Simply stated, a more active Sun raises the Earth’s overall temperature. When the Sun is quiet, like now, the Earth’s overall temperature will fall. Typically, the fall in the Earth’s overall temperature is about 0.1C from the Solar peak to a Solar minimum.


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