Climate Change Caused Never Ending Drought in California … oops. Nevermind.

Climate Change Caused a never ending drought In California … except for the never ending part.

“The storm – the largest since 2010”

“This is no drought-buster, but it’s a nice, fat down payment” in the water bank, he said.”

“As of Saturday evening, the storm had dropped more than 4 inches of rain in downtown Los Angeles, 5 inches in Van Nuys and almost 12 inches at Cogswell Dam in the Angeles National Forest, according to the National Weather Service.”

Rainfall over the last month has helped facilitate the salmon’s return to their spawning grounds, said the local water district officials who track their numbers.”

“Ski resorts were delighted with fresh snow that promised to extend their season

WAIT … I thought the end of snow was here because of climate change?

But my  favorite quotation is: “The storm wasn’t all bad news, though.

Bad News!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rain in a drought is now BAD NEWS???????????

Why is rain bad news? Because it spoils the climate change con game. In a few weeks the AGW Cult will be complaining about too much rain and how climate change causes floods.


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