Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Update – Highest Ever For Day 88

Antarctic Sea Ice is still a long way to maximum, but as of Day 88, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for 2014 is the highest ever for the day by 580 sq km.

Looking at the graph of Extent for day 88 only, I can see that when 2008 set its daily record by over 400,000 sq km that it would be a while before it was broken.


Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for Day 88 From 1980




  1. I do not know what you are wanting to achieve by this site. It is so misleading. With out referencing the season you simply imply that because on one day the sea ice expansion is large that no problem exists.

    Just thinking a bit wider on the issue will show how misleading this chart is. Your chart demonstrates the reality of global warming although you don’t see this.

    This is the only site claiming an increase in arctic sea ice above the long term average. You should stop fiddling the raw data to justify some goal.


    1. The post was on Antarctic Sea Ice Extent which is at record levels. And set an all time record in 2012 and again in 2013.

      Global Sea Ice Extent is above normal.

      There are two polar regions with sea ice. One is at record levels. The Antarctic.

      I know the AGW cult rarely mentions Antarctic Sea Ice except to make bad excuses. You should look around. Pay attention.


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