MASIE May 6 2014 – Arctic Ice Extent By Region As of Day 125 – Arctic Up Over Last 3 Days

May 6 2014  MASIE Update (This Arctic Sea Ice dataset from MASIE only has 28 days of data.)

This is the gain/loss from day 94 to day 121. Negative = loss. Sorted with biggest loser in last 7 days at top. Northern Hemisphere is the grand total.

Normally I only show Last 28,14 and 7. Today I added Last 3 days because it was so interesting.

In the last 3 days Northern Hemisphere actually rose 2,503 sq km because Barents Sea rose 34,216 sq km.

Hudson Bay, Baltic and Chukchi Sea also rose. This rise hasn’t shown up on the NOAA dataset.

Region Start End Last 28 Days Last 14 Last 7 Last 3
Sea of Okhotsk 587,542 239,550 -347,992 -136,916 -137,139 -5,462
Baffin Bay Gulf of St. Lawrence 1,602,768 1,335,175 -267,593 -198,696 -119,337 -13,664
Bering Sea 695,431 359,469 -335,961 -185,286 -114,606 -10,071
Beaufort Sea 1,070,445 1,060,123 -10,322 -10,322 -10,322 -10,322
Hudson Bay 1,260,903 1,254,692 -6,211 -6,211 -6,211 4,234
Chukchi Sea 966,006 961,021 -4,985 -4,985 -4,985 8,600
Greenland Sea 613,925 645,689 31,765 9,194 -3,962 -5,195
Baltic Sea 15,566 8,402 -7,163 -976 -323 184
East Siberian Sea 1,087,137 1,087,137 0 0 0 0
Laptev Sea 897,845 897,845 0 0 0 0
Kara Sea 931,339 935,023 3,684 16,849 0 0
Canadian Archipelago 853,214 853,214 0 0 0 0
Central Arctic 3,247,200 3,248,013 813 1,482 0 0
Yellow Sea 0 0 0 0 0 0
Barents Sea 651,565 699,064 47,499 125,742 23,541 34,216
Northern Hemisphere (Total) 14,485,805 13,586,610 -899,195 -390,141 -373,360 2,503

MASIE Arctic Ice Extent as of 2014125

3 thoughts on “MASIE May 6 2014 – Arctic Ice Extent By Region As of Day 125 – Arctic Up Over Last 3 Days

  1. Not sure what is happening in Barents Sea. The ice extent hit 0.74MKm2 max on day 99, melted down to 0.56 M on day 110, then steadily froze back to 0.70 M on day 125.

    Greenland Sea, somewhat like Barents, had a max of 0.70M on day 72, melted to 0.59M on day 102, then gained back extent to a max of 0.70M on day 112. Since then Greenland Sea has lost and gained back to 0.70M on day 125.

    Nearly all the NH melting has been in Baffin Bay, Sea of Okhotsk, and Bering Sea. The Central Arctic Sea has maintained its Max since day 106.

  2. From what I am reading, it may be an effect from the CAA (Canadian Arctic Archipelago) being extremely solid ice this year. That blocks cold water from the Arctic Sea from leaving, and slows the ingress of warmer water from the Gulf stream. Additionally, the AMO changing phase may mean less warm water provided from the south.

    It seems that an anticyclonic pattern has been in effect in April, leading to ice forming instead of melting:

    “The winter was warm for most of the Arctic Ocean, but the North American sub-Arctic was brutally cold. This affected the Arctic Archipelago area to a great degree. But we must go back to summer 2013 Arctic Cyclones pervasive presence which stopped the warming of the Arctic Ocean as with preceding recent years, this allowed spreading out of loose pack ice to trigger earlier onset of fast sea ice in the fall. The greater Pan-Arctic winter was mostly cloudier, but without a great deal of precipitation in the CAA Arctic Basin area, this made the sea ice even thicker during wind storms. After end of long night, a short lived La-Nina partially triggered a cloud free period made even less cloudy by the thicker Archipelago sea ice area spurring the creation of consistent Anticyclones. We are at this time experiencing the continuance of Anticyclones which favor ice accretion until the sun becomes too high in altitude. There is evidence that the CAA will continue being pervasively anticyclonic until summer.”

    E.M Smith has a good post on the Arctic water circulation and the effect on sea ice:

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