If AGW Theory Had Started in 1936



If_AGW_Started in 1936



  1. Steve Goddard has identified various scare stories by climate scientists going back to the 1800s, sometimes it is excessive warming,sometimes it is excessive cooling, but they are always convinced and convincing and never ever apologies after they are found wrong. Quite often it is because they have died though.
    I have asked this question over at Not A Lot Of People Know That and I wonder if you could help.
    “Paul, I am wondering if you can help me.
    I was reading up on the TOBS adjustment paper of Karl et al 1986, while reading it I thought I would take a look at the 107 “First Order Stations” that were used in that paper to decide the TOBS for the rest of the USA and probably the world.
    What I found was a bit disturbing, of those 107 stations only 23 are still in the USHCN data network.
    At least 83 have been dropped (I haven’t found one to check yet), of course the paper did not quote USHCN numbers for those stations to identify them, just the location and co-ordinates.

    So do you know of any way to establish if a Station not in USHCN is still reporting data.”


      1. Cool, thanks for posting this link. It is interesting that many of the “stations” listed are actually stations that have merged together several stations over time. Also, I wonder why the Kelowna airport is not on the list?

    1. I just skimmed the Karl paper. Did you know they even used stations that had moved 20km and 5km during the data collection period? And other stations also could have moved as much as 1500m?


  2. Paul also suggested the Coop network, I found the first 2 that I looked for in Coop and they are still in use.
    In fact they are part of the GHCND network but not no longer used by the USHCN.

    I find this very odd, have they all been replaced by more suitable (fits the narrative) stations?

    I am not sure if it is worth checking the other 81 stations or not, trying to understand NCDC rationale is very difficult and very time consuming.
    I really don’t know how you guys do it.


    1. Its not an issue I worry about. I doubt many of the thermometers are the same, let alone the location or the area surrounding the location.

      The data was from the 1950’s / early 60’s.


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