Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Aug 5 2014 – Amazing Rise! 49 Days Ahead of ‘Normal’

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is 1,418,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. 

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent is so high it is higher than the maximum mean which usual occurs around day 265.  Which means it is now 49 days ahead of normal!

Of course the extent for day 216 is still  1,000,000 sq km below the record set in 2013 … but that occurred on day 273.

And in just 1 day the extent rose 240,000 sq km. And it rose 700,000 sq km in last 7 days.



8 thoughts on “Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Aug 5 2014 – Amazing Rise! 49 Days Ahead of ‘Normal’

  1. It’s all because of anteaterogenic glowbull warmining. It could be that we may even have 60 years of cooling, a Mini Ice Age, because of this Anteaterogenic Glowbull Warmining. Run for the hills. The end is nigh. Repent. High Priest Algorical will absolve all your climate sins if you scrap your SUV, travel by donkey and sailing ship, light your house by means of the Gore-lamp (fire flies kept in a glass jar) and make a huge donation to his charity. You would even be given the opportunity to purchase real estate in Antarctica, the only habitable place left on the planet (Alcomical had told us in his Convenient Lie movie)

  2. how soon do they come out and say its an al-gore-rhythm error and it wasn’t suppose to be that high….however, the March of the Penguins is getting further…just wait until we hear about the huge decline in numbers….due to GW…

  3. No wonder we’re freezing our a$$es off here in southern Australia. Oh wait: it’s “missing” ice that causes extreme cold; I keep forgetting.

  4. This is beginning to be serious.However down here in central SA its been a warm/normal winter. Looking at the weather maps the mass of cold air appears larger but it aint forking upnorth. If it does it could be very cold fo some days we shall see. maybe its a way of the earth to try to equilibrate the cold air mass around the south pole.Conjeture of course…

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