California Water Management Fails Epically

Michael Reagan states the obvious:
In response to the shortage of water, the California Water Resources Board wants to institute a punitive fine of $500/day for people it calls “water hogs.”
But I think Thomas Del Beccaro, writing in Forbes, has a better idea: Let’s fine the board for failing to do its job over the last 40 years.
He explains, “California is the most populated state in the Union, with more than 38 million people. Its population was just under 20 million in 1970, when the bulk of its current water storage and delivery systems were already built. In other words, the California governments have done very little to significantly increase water supplies in over 40 years, even though its population has doubled during that period of time.
Instead of realizing that “water” was its middle name, the board has been made captive by enviro-Nazis who think people in general are the enemy. Rather than build dams and reservoirs to keep up with a growing population, state government has preferred to depend on the kindness of clouds to provide water for taxpayers.
Then the clouds stopped being kind.
Felicia Marcus, chairman of the water board, exemplifies the arrogant, buck-passing mentality of its members: “I like to say, having a browning lawn and a dirty car is a badge of honor.”
No Felicia, the dead grass and filthy car are the result of a do-nothing board that should be thrown out on its ear.

4 thoughts on “California Water Management Fails Epically

  1. Oh the irony! The state has spent so long pushing a green change on the society, that red policies have changed the colour of California to brown.

  2. The real problem is that the urban water users only use 20% of the water. The farmers use 80%. The farmers provide 25% of our fresh fruits and vegetables. The “Water Board” is punishing the farmers far more that the urbanizes. The future is bleak for the rest of us being able to get inexpensive fresh food. I suppose that for a while we can get some of it from China, but food is going to cost more!! The “red liberals” have turned the bread basket into a begging bag. The “red liberal enviro-nazis” think the “snail darter, etc.” are more important than people. Wake up!!!

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