Global Sea Ice Extent Aug 13 2014 – 144,000 sq km Above Normal

Global Sea Ice Extent is 144,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean. 2,100,000 sq km than 2012.




One Comment

  1. Day 224–NH ice melting has resumed and the loss is now at 58% of maximum.
    With today’s NH extent of 6,514,416 sq. Km., a normal further reduction of 9% of max would give a 2014 minimum of 5.12 M Sq Kms.

    Those regions with below average melt:

    Central Arctic now has 96% ice left
    East Siberian Sea is now at 65%
    Canadian Archipelago is now at 66%
    Beaufort Sea is holding at 74%,


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