Antarctic Sea Ice and Penguin Stupidity From the Guardian

During the most amazing run of of record Antarctic Sea Ice Extent and Area ever, a comment at Bishop Hill reminds us of the recent prediction by “researchers“.

Sunday 29 June 2014

“The entire population of Antarctica’s famous emperor penguins could fall by a third by the end of the century because of disappearing sea ice, putting them at risk of extinction, researchers said on Sunday.”

” the main threat to emperor penguins’ survival comes from climate change which is melting the sea ice.”

“The loss of sea ice is reducing the supply of krill”

Disappearing Sea Ice? Melting sea ice? What loss?

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for Day 262 From 1978

3 thoughts on “Antarctic Sea Ice and Penguin Stupidity From the Guardian

  1. However, one just has to note that the Guardian article was written by Suzanne Goldenberg to realise that it will be anti-common sense, opposite to what the data says, and hype for climate change despite all the evidence to the contrary.

  2. actually, I believe I mentioned some time ago, that I believe they are in danger…not from melting ice, but the lack of it, thus a longer journey to the open water to get food…but then, I’m unqualified Joe Citizen, how much can I know…………………….

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