Big Green Blob Out To Destroy UK

Big Green Blob

The Mail on Sunday today exposes how a ‘Green Blob’ financed by a shadowy group of hugely wealthy foreign donors is driving Britain towards economically ruinous eco targets.

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2 thoughts on “Big Green Blob Out To Destroy UK

  1. You can’t make this stuff up… “Remarkably, green lobby group Friends of the Earth not only conceived the Climate Change Act, but Bryony Worthington, the FoE official who came up with the idea and lobbied MPs to support it, later actually drafted it.
    Once it was safely on the statute book, SHE LEFT THE CIVIL SERVICE TO FORM A NEW GREEN CAMPAIGN GROUP, SANDBAG, which presses the Government to adopt more stringent forms of carbon taxes. Like her previous employer FoE, it is now funded by ECF. Ed Miliband made her a Labour peer in 2011.”

  2. The English have always been anti-technology, unless their princes can make a profit! In 1870 the English had 400 patents; the Germans had 4000 patents.
    In this case, the English leaders will buy into anything that will make their leaders money -> Wind Mills.
    Since most the Americans are decedents of the English, they follow in lockstep.

    The “leaders will always have electricity” will the peasants?? The biggest “hook-wink” is that the English and Americans know how to rule the World!!

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