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January 16, 2015

Sea Ice Extent – Day 15 – 15th Daily Record in Antarctic – Highest Global Since 1979

15 daily records in a row in 2015 for Antarctica. Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Breaks Daily Record By Almost 800,000 sq km.

That is 3 standard deviations above normal. In fact every day in 2015 has been above 3 STD.

Global Sea Ice was above 2 STD for 14 out of 15 days of 2015.

DataSouth / North

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for Day 15 From 1978 (infilled) Global Sea Ice Extent for Day 15 From 1978 (infilled) Global_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_15_1981-2010 Antarctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_15_1981-2010 Arctic_Sea_Ice_Extent_Zoomed_2015_Day_15_1981-2010



  1. Antarctic sea ice extent is at record levels, and has a much more pronounced albedo effect than the Arctic. However, when considering the Arctic, shouldn’t we be more concerned with volume and not extent because of the thermal delta-T necessary to melt it all (which would give the CAGW alarmists’ panties a real twist?)

    I don’t recall where I’ve seen an analysis of pixelated volume measurements compared to previous years, but judging from the growth in Arctic sea ice volume this year, Lucy has a lot of e’shplainin’ to do:

    Comment by AZ1971 — January 16, 2015 @ 8:15 PM | Reply

  2. The web site, listed below, measures Arctic Sea Ice thickness and generates a simple “average ice thickness number”. Note the thickness increase from 2011 to 2015!

    Comment by jlurtz — January 17, 2015 @ 5:44 AM | Reply

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