Frothing From D Appell

David_A_Capture_2 David_A_Capture


10 thoughts on “Frothing From D Appell

  1. Isn’t the sensationalization of daily measurements when they are in favor of your side part of the sarcasm here? I think that David has made himself the butt of the joke.

  2. That happens when someone’s brain is hammered with climate propaganda and, therefore, isn’t able to use his brain by himself. I know enough of these climate trolls and, instead of doing proper research or think about any theories objectively, they believe what IPCC says as if it is a religion. So the best thing you can do is to ignore these trolls and, if possible, block them.

    Sorry if my english is bad, it is not my main language. :/

  3. I wouldn’t ban someone with a different view even if the comment is rude. Perhaps he’ll see that ice is not disappearing as the models forecast. it is always amusing for us regular visitors to see a comment like that.

  4. The length of the Pause, the above-average global sea ice extent, the transformation of the Arctic summer ice death spiral into a recovery story; all these things are taking their toll. Folk are bound to crack under this pressure.

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