MASIE Arctic Day 293 – The Two Regions Lower Than 2012

MASIE for day 293. The two regions with less sea ice than 2012 on day 293

MASIE Arctic Ice Extent - Chukchi_Sea - as of 2015-293 Zoomed

MASIE Arctic Ice Extent - Greenland_Sea - as of 2015-293 Zoomed


One Comment

  1. I actually expect Greenland sea to start freezing quite fast actually. Sea temperatures are slightly below average (like in Baffin & Hudson bay). On the opposite, Okhotsk & Bering will probably refreeze at a much slower pace than average due to el Nino influence (that could affect Chuckchi too, but I don’t think it will be the case). And well, about other seas I bet Hudson will refreeze earlier and Barents later than usual


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