Wood Pellets Generate Way More CO2 Than Coal

So they did a study called “Biomass Supply and Carbon Accounting for Southeastern Forests”

And they came up numbers for a bunch of technologies and broke out the CO2 emissions for transport and for power production using lbs/MMBtu.

CHP power plants are most efficient. “CHP involves the use of a steam turbine which is designed not only to drive a generator, but also to produce steam or hot water.”

So the top choice would be Coal CHP where the waste water is used in a central district heat type situation.

Next choice would be Natural Gas. Then New coal power plants.

The absolute worst choice is wood pellets because transporting those pellets generates a lo of CO2.

Which is what they are shipping to the UK (and many other places) to burn in DRAX.




  1. […] I was looking for total CO2 figures for the Atikokan plant. I haven’t found any yet. But I did find an OPG document showing CO2 production of 4 scenarios at Thunder Bay (which is also burning Norwegian Wood). One of those scenarios is a Natural Gas Combined Cycle power plant. It showed that plant producing a huge amount of CO2 compared to wood pellets. I know that isn’t true from this article. […]


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