Alberta NDP Coal Phaseout Could Triple Power Bills

If you live in Alberta Canada, get ready for a possible tripling of electricity costs.

“Whether you’re in oil and gas, forestry, agriculture, tourism, we need good, affordable, dependable power to be successful,” Coal Association of Canada president Robin Campbell said. “It’s one of the things we have in this province that allows us to compete globally and we’re about to lose that.”

The NDP says phasing out coal is necessary not only to reduce green house gases but also to improve air quality.

Campbell says all those concerns could be addressed through investing in clean coal technologies without jeopardizing base-load power.

New coal power plants generate more CO2 than natural gas but they generate way less CO2 than wood pellets.

Another study:

It found that the boost in renewables and the end of coal would mean a 45 per cent reduction in emissions, or 18.5 million fewer tonnes of carbon released into the atmosphere a year.

However, under the province’s privatized utility system, prices would have to be between $60 to $85 per megawatt hour to justify wind power construction.

And if solar power were to make up 50 per cent of the renewables mix “it would cost between $200 and $300 per megawatt hour,” the study found.

Alberta Energy Companies are bailing on contracts and leaving Alberta taxpayers to pay and pay and pay  for the NDP’s stupidity.

The NDP now have a “coal phaseout negotiator” for getting rid of coal. It will cost billions. And will make Alberta a have not province.



2 thoughts on “Alberta NDP Coal Phaseout Could Triple Power Bills

  1. I wonder if voters’ remorse has set in yet? This is what happens when you don’t think before you vote.

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