UK Green Taxes Killing the Steel Industry


Green taxes are killing the UK steel industry.

The U.K.’s steel crisis – worsened by Tata Steel Ltd.’s decision to sell its plant in Port Talbot, South Wales – has been exacerbated by three green taxes that the government implemented to boost clean energy, according to the manufacturers’s association EEF.

The three levies are the Carbon Price Floor, Renewables Obligation and Feed-In Tariff policies. Each works differently. Together, they increase steelmakers’ energy costs by about 30 pounds ($43) per megawatt-hour this year, Richard Warren, senior energy and environment policy adviser for EEF, said in an interview.

Electricity is an enormous cost for steel companies. The U.K.’s seven steel plants used about 3.2 million megawatt-hours of power in 2014, according to the EEF, not including what they generated themselves.

The German solution is to exempt industries and pass the cost of those exemptions onto the poor and then kill them.

Europe’s suicidal green energy policies are killing at least 4o,000 people a year.

That’s just the number estimated to have died in the winter of 2014 because they were unable to afford fuel bills driven artificially high by renewable energy tariffs.

But the real death toll will certainly be much higher when you take into account the air pollution caused when Germany decided to abandon nuclear power after Fukushima and ramp up its coal-burning instead; and also when you consider the massive increase in diesel pollution –  the result of EU-driven anti-CO2 policies – which may be responsible for as many as 500,000 deaths a year.



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