Could 2016/2017 Be The Strongest La Niña On Record?

It is not uncommon for a La Nina to follow an El Nino.

SCRIPPS issues forecasts. Joe Bastardi points out they are not always right, but if they are right this time, he says:

Its forecast for this event, if real, would be spectacular. Not only would it be the biggest El Niño to La Niñas transition, but the strongest La Niña on record.


NOAA is predicting La Nina here.


The global effects of La Nina:



6 thoughts on “Could 2016/2017 Be The Strongest La Niña On Record?

  1. Though I am not a premium member I religiously check out Joes videos at Weatherbell.
    My impression from watching those videos over time is that Joe believes that there will be a significant la Nina but believes that Scripps may be overdoing it some. That being said Joe has every reason to want Scripps to be right even though his own team and Weatherbell are somewhat more conservative in their La Nina forecast than Scripps. Joe has said for a long time that if there is a corresponding to strong La Nina to this El Nino then it damages the warmist position and as far as he’s concerned the argument for significant AGW will be over.

    1. I too watch Joe’s daily/Saturday summaries, and I live in Southern Alberta, and he has nailed our past 2 winters….so I’m pretty much in line with Joe……HOWEVER, I do not like the idea of a cold/snowy winter….these past 2 winters ..have not been!!!

  2. Eventually with the emergence of the La Nina Atlantic Hurricane incidence and severity can be expected to increase. This year forecasts are for a pretty much average to slightly below average season but come 2017 there is good reason to believe that we’ll see a spike. And when that happens the alarmists will be back on their high horse screaming the end is Nye!

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