German Electricity Week 15 2016

Germany is planning to rely on wind and solar. I shake my head in wonder when I see wind generation statistics like Week 15.

3 days in a row with less than 3GW. (The following chart is just wind electricity production)


2 thoughts on “German Electricity Week 15 2016

  1. A bit like trying to drive to work in a V12 auto which randomly varies from 1 cyclinder at idle to all 12 at full throttle, or for the more ecologically sensitive Tesla owners, the 7000+ laptop batteries powering you, each make intermittent contact in unpredictable patterns.

    1. That analogy would be fine — if results only affected those who insist on variable power sources as a base load. But it’s not so reasonable when greenies want an entire country’s economy to be at the whimsical folly of a blowing wind or cloud-free sky.

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