OMG: Berlin Sized Ice Melt in Antarctica


New research has revealed that parts of West Antarctica’s coastline have lost about 386 square miles (1,000 square kilometres) of ice – an area equivalent to the city of Berlin.

Over 40 years.

Berlin is 386 sq miles.

Antarctica is 5,400,000 sq miles.

East Antarctica is growing ice.




6 thoughts on “OMG: Berlin Sized Ice Melt in Antarctica

  1. How am I going to sleep tonight knowing this….mmmm…think i’ll just roll over and sleep soundly!

    Where do they dig these people up anyhow!!

  2. 386/5.4 mil is a change of 0.007%. Oh man, this sounds bad, real bad. A seven-one-thousandth of one percent change. Thank God we have supercomputers to calculate to 128 decimal places so we can always track the loss.

  3. They always have to run to the Ross shelf to look for melt, then confuse that with the continent just 350 miles away.

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