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April 10, 2018

Big increase is Antarctic Snowfall

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“When scientists looked at Antarctic snowfall over the past 200 years they found a “significant” increase, up to 10%.

In the decade 2001-2010, some 272 billion tons more snow fell on Antarctica per year compared with the decade 1801-1810.

This extra amount of snow is equivalent to twice the water volume of the Dead Sea, on a per year basis.”

Big increase is Antarctic Snowfall helps to prevent sea level rise



November 4, 2017

More Wind – Less Wind = Climate BS

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Oh No! Thank god we have “experts”.

“With the potential to cause sea levels to rise by more than 11 feet and unleash the ice of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, the massive Totten Glacier has come to be known as the ‘sleeping giant.’

And now, scientists have discovered that strong winds over the Southern Ocean could be causing it to wake up.

A new study has found that East Antarctica’s largest glacier is melting from beneath, as winds transport warm water to the ice – and, these winds are expected to intensify with climate change, the experts warn.




Wind speeds around the world seem to be decreasing in a phenomenon known as ‘stilling’ and European scientists are hoping to find out why.”


October 3, 2017

Antarctic Ozone Depletion Caused By Volcano

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Erebus Volcano and Ozone Depletion

“Erebus volcano eruptions are of the Strombolian type, which volcanic ejecta and gases are known to reach heights of 1–2 km above the volcano summit and, therefore, cannot directly reach the stratosphere (Boichu et al., 2010, 2011; Dibble et al., 2008). However, according to aircraft observations in 1989 at a height of 8 km over Antarctica, the detected aerosol particles were identified as volcanic ejecta of Erebus (Chuan, 1994). Together with HCl and H2SO4 high concentrations in the Antarctic stratosphere, it is indicative of delivery mechanisms of Erebus volcanic gases into the Antarctic stratosphere.

Erebus volcano gas emissions can ascend to the Antarctic stratosphere via high-latitude cyclones which are coupled to the stratospheric polar vortex in cold seasons.”

“Thus, for more than 40 years, Erebus volcano, which activity restarted in 1972, has been a natural source of chemical species destroying the Antarctic ozone. The extremely high Erebus volcanic activity in the early 1980s definitely made a major contribution to the increase of the ozone hole along with man-made chlorofluorocarbons. Regular observations of Erebus volcano gas emissions can help to predict the total ozone content dynamics and, therefore, the ozone hole area.”

September 21, 2017

PDO AMO Arctic Antarctic

The graphs start from 1950 to show a full 66 year cycle of the PDO and AMO.

I’m graphing anomalies from the mean for all. Sea Ice is in millions of sq km.

PDO versus Arctic Extent  – note that the satellite record for sea ice starts at peak of PDO

AMO versus Antarctic Extent


March 25, 2017

Top 100 Antarctic Sea Ice Extent Histogram

Top 100 Antarctic Sea Ice Extent’s

June 2, 2016

OMG: Berlin Sized Ice Melt in Antarctica

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New research has revealed that parts of West Antarctica’s coastline have lost about 386 square miles (1,000 square kilometres) of ice – an area equivalent to the city of Berlin.

Over 40 years.

Berlin is 386 sq miles.

Antarctica is 5,400,000 sq miles.

East Antarctica is growing ice.




May 31, 2016

Antarctic Ice Cores Are Useless To Detect Global Warming

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A new paper is out trying to explain why Antarctica isn’t warming.

“These findings suggest the Southern Ocean responds to greenhouse gas forcing on the centennial, or longer, timescale over which the deep ocean waters that are upwelled to the surface are warmed themselves. It is against this background of gradual warming that multidecadal Southern Ocean temperature trends must be understood.

There is a little name calling aimed at deniers (who happen to be right)

Those who said there was a conundrum were just deniers. It’s right there in the press release, paragraph two:

The study resolves a scientific conundrum, and an inconsistent pattern of warming often seized on by climate deniers.

Which rather begs the question: If there was a conundrum then the skeptics who pointed it out were not deniers, but correct. And if there was no conundrum, and deniers were denying something, then this is not a new finding at all. Alternately perhaps some researchers “knew” the answer they were going to find, and the other researchers, who can’t see the future, are deniers?


But the thought that came to me was … if there have been episodes of global warming in the past that last a few hundred years …. the ice cores would have missed them completely. Right?



April 15, 2016

Drone Guides Ship In Antarctic (with video)

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Cool video of a drone scouting in the Antarctic:

The Royal Navy’s ice patrol ship HMS Protector has launched tiny pilotless aircraft from her decks for the first time to assist with navigating through the Antarctic.

A quadcopter and a 3D-printed aircraft have scouted the way for the survey ship so she can find her way through the thick ice of frozen seas.HMCSProtector

It’s the first time the Royal Navy has used unmanned aerial vehicles in this part of the world. The Service has been operating ScanEagle ‘eyes in sky’ from frigates in the Gulf for the past couple of years which feed vital live imagery back to ships on maritime security patrols.

Read more:



April 13, 2016

Greenland Melting: Broken Satellite ‘Confirms’

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I was reading this article on Greenland melting. And then I read this:


Meier is (I assume) Walt Meier of the NSIDC.

Ok … so the satellite that was producing spurious massive jumps in Arctic/Antarctic Sea Ice is being used to confirm the melting of Greenland despite being told the satellite is broken.

Yup. Sounds typical.

On Monday and Tuesday, about 12 per cent of the ice sheet surface area — 656,000 square miles or 1.7 million square kilometers — showed signs of melting ice, according to Peter Langen, a climate scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute.

This is the DMI graph of the arctic sea ice extent using data from the same satellite … I think.


Wait. This just in.(I’m flabbergasted).

Greenland calbration

Greenland Surface Melt dataset produced by:

DMSP 5D-2/F11, DMSP 5D-2/F13, DMSP 5D-2/F8, DMSP 5D-3/F17, NIMBUS-7

F17 is the satellite producing spurious sea ice data.



October 31, 2015

Antarctica GAINING 82 to 112 gigatons of Ice per Year

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“According to the new analysis of satellite data, the Antarctic ice sheet showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001. That net gain slowed   to 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.”

“Zwally’s team calculated that the mass gain from the thickening of East Antarctica remained steady from 1992 to 2008 at 200 billion tons per year”

The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 millimeters per year away,” Zwally said.



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