Warming Sucks … Doesn’t It?

If you could wouldn’t you want the Earth to be 1C colder?

What? You don’t?


2 thoughts on “Warming Sucks … Doesn’t It?

  1. except that nights get shorter, not longer, [just kidding, i understand how you mean it LOL]
    there are indeed a few things to discuss:

    a) does global warming exist ?
    b) is it man made or heavily boosted by mankind ?
    c) is it good or bad ?

    while a is obvious, b is probable, i think c depends where you live, for some it gets worse, for others it gets bette while i mostly think that warmer is better over all. i fought many years to make clear that a & b should be seen as facts while
    now that this happens one will have to fight those afraid of changes that will try to kill our freedom under the pretense that warming i bad. yes it will be bad for many and good for less but that will be resolved with a population shift as well with a shift in arable regions. perhaps we shall grow crop in sub-arctic regions, olives and oranges in mid latitudes and loose other parts to the desert, after all it’s about adoption of circumstances and those who are good in it will survive
    and it will be painful.

    beside all that we should not forget the this planet will be torched in a few billion years, (red giant) so to find escape routes will be inevitable anyways LOL

    1. a) Yes the earth warms. But when the AMO is high it is warm. Lets wait to see what happens next time the AMO is low.

      b) I think man causes a lot of warming through UHI and albedo changes and waste heat.

      c) If I was offered +1C where I live I’d take it and ask for 2C.

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