Ontario Exceeding Bat Deaths By Wind Turbine Limit

Wind Turbines in Ontario come with a license to kill bats.

Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources has set 10 bat deaths per turbine as the threshold at which the mortalities are considered significant and warrant action.

And that number is being exceeded.

Bats are being killed in Ontario at the rate of 18.5 per turbine, resulting in an estimated 42,656 bat fatalities in Ontario between May 1 and October 31, 2015, according to the report released by Bird Studies Canada, a bird conservation organization.

Imagine what would happen if the oil industry was allowed to kill 10 bats or birds per oil well.

Imagine the screaming from “environmentalists”.

Birds are being killed too.

14,144 non-raptors killed by wind turbines and 462 raptor fatalities between May 1 and October 31 in 2015.



7 thoughts on “Ontario Exceeding Bat Deaths By Wind Turbine Limit

    1. And there are so many viruses carried by mosquitoes. Seems dumb to kill them off for super-expensive unreliable electricity when Ontario relies on Nuclear, Hydro and Gas.

  1. yes. In previous decades, mosquitoes were an uncommon problem in our area of the country. Since the wind turbines were installed, the mosquito population has exploded. Oh well, to protect our infants and children, we will cover our infants and children with repellant . . . oh, oh, I think I read that such a practice was not a good idea.

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