UK Electricity Grid – OCGT (Emergency Gas Generators) On

Demand in the red. Good luck UK.



3 thoughts on “UK Electricity Grid – OCGT (Emergency Gas Generators) On

  1. Funny how wind is touted as our saving grace for a carbon-free energy future, but no one talks about the down time when straight-line winds, tornadoes, or cyclones wreak havoc on the infrastructure. Sure you can lock down windmills if the wind gets too strong, but straight-line winds can be well over 100 mph and are going to cause damage over a large scale because those blades are a direct resistance to laminar wind flow, just as trees are. And over a couple hundred kilometers’ length, if wind fields were centered in one, you’d wipe out many many MW’s of generating capacity in one fell swoop.

    I love coal and nat gas. I also love nuclear. Wind and solar? Meh, not so much.

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