Wind Service Technician

A bunch of “scientists” and “grad students” singed a petition essentially begging for the gravy train of money to keep flowing to them despite Trump being elected.

Item #1 was: Make America a clean energy leader

And then they said:

“Wind technician” is the fastest growing job category in America, and the solar industry has hired more veterans than any other sector9.”

The reference:

Shah, J. Clean Energy Jobs Are Exploding in America. Why Don’t Mainstream Reporters Know? Greentech Media (Sept. 2, 2016). [link]

The relevant section:

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “wind technician” is the fastest-growing job category — expanding twice as much as the next-fastest growing job, occupational therapy assistant.

What did I find when I sent searching?

It was a projection to 2024. Not actual numbers.

And the numbers are pitifully small. An increase of 4800 jobs over the next 10 years. 1.3 jobs a day!

Occupation Therapy Assistants (which pay better) are projected to have a 14,100 increase.

There are 9 careers in that list that pay better than Wind Turbine Service Technicians and most will supposedly have way more jobs in 2024.

But its a projection. And we know how good climate scientists are at making projections!


The occupations with the most job growth (total jobs … not percentage):

Personal Care Aides 458,100 ,Registered Nurses 439,300  etc


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