Once Upon a Time 75 out of 77 “Scientists” of Unknown Qualifications …

Want to know where the 97% consensus figure comes from?

The two researchers obtained their results by conducting a survey of 10,257 Earth scientists.

And then … read it here.

Once all these cuts were made, 75 out of 77 scientists of unknown qualifications were left endorsing the global warming orthodoxy.

3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time 75 out of 77 “Scientists” of Unknown Qualifications …

  1. The qualifications were not “unknown”.

    “In our survey, the most specialized and knowledge-able respondents (with regard to climate change) are those who listed climate science as their area of expertise and who also have published more than 50% of their recent peer- reviewed papers on the subject of climate change (79 individuals in total) … 97.4% (75 of 77) answered yes to question 2.”

    Also a few other studies have also produced the 97% number. http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/11/4/048002/pdf

    1. The 97% “consensus” BS has been debunked on countless occasions.

      Aside from which, science outside the perverse realm of “climate science”, science has never been practised by consensus, had it been so then Einstein’s theory of relativity, Weneger’s tectonic plate theory and the treatment of colonic ulcers with antibiotics – to name but three – would never have seen the light of day.

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