Yes Prime Minister – A Short Film About the AGW Scam



Climate change will impact everything everywhere

According the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Climate change will impact everything everywhere

Now that’s a cult for you.

a warming world is already wreaking havoc


I was sitting on my neighbors back porch in the sun drinking good coffee and eating fresh baked goods and I thought to myself: “I can’t handle anymore of this havoc being wreaked upon me” and then I realized that if climate change is causing everything, it is also causing nice pleasant warm weather perfect for drinking coffee and relaxing in while fresh baked goods are consumed.

And I do welcome perfect spring days … so I thanked “Climate Change” with a little prayer and asked “Climate Change” to wreak some more havoc. And it did. Yum.


“it was like talking to members of a cult”

Yup. Thats why I call the AGW Cult a cult.

“Lord (Nigel) Lawson, chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, partly lifts the veil on a curious “secret meeting” held at the House of Lords between a team from his GWPF and six scientists from the Royal Society. ”

“As one present put it, “it was like talking to members of a cult”. What particularly struck the GWPF team was their opposite numbers’ refusal to discuss the policy implications of their beliefs”

Antarctic Sea Ice Day 121 Update

As you  know, Antarctic Sea Ice Extent hit a maximum record in September 2012. And since that news item finally received a little bit of publicity the AGW cult has come up with a few explanations for why ice is growing in the Antarctic.

For the heck of it I thought I would graph Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for the 121st day of each year. After I did that I had one obvious question.

Why, if Antarctic Sea Ice has been growing for 30 years, has it taken them so damned long to even admit it, let alone come up with such a weak-ass explanation that all sane people laugh at?

Antarctic Sea Ice Extent for Day 121