USA Not Seeing Hotter Days Compared to 1901-1960

A new climate report for the USA was published along wit the usual shenanigans by the NY Times.

What this map shows is highly damaging to the global warming alarmism industry. It proves that, regardless of average temperature trends, temperatures at the top end of the scale are not increasing. Note that this applies even in the case of California, until recently the golden child of warmists.

We may be seeing milder winters and warmer nights, but, as far as the US is concerned, we are certainly not seeing hotter days.

15 thoughts on “USA Not Seeing Hotter Days Compared to 1901-1960

  1. This is because greenhouse gases affect mostly in the night holding back the hot that comes from land and watter

  2. I was wrong, asphalt has a hight specific heat, not like water, but high anyway. But higher minimums happen in all the world, not only in countries with big cities.

  3. The above described effects would also happen if cloud cover increased.
    But they why would it be that and not a 0.04% trace gas that has increased from 0.03% in a hundred years. Of which we currently emit 4.6% of total emissions each year

    Which as a percentage of the total atmospheric volumn is 0.00136%…….

    It must be VERY powerful….

    But the co2 concentrations were much higher in the past so its properties must have changed too…..

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