BC Carbon Tax – Gasoline Sales

The province of BC is touted as carbon tax success story. If you google “carbon tax success” BC always shows up.

Just ask the NY Times:

And of course that would mean less gasoline used .. right?

Gross sales of gasoline (1,000 liters)

 2012 4,682,115
 2013 4,504,633
 2014 4,687,564
 2015 5,481,062
 2016 5,770,067

23% more gasoline used in BC from 2012.

And CO2 emitted climbed from 2010 to 2015 (last year available)

Its just a tax grab.

3 thoughts on “BC Carbon Tax – Gasoline Sales

  1. I read that the folks in Vancouver are currently paying $1.67 (Canadian) per liter. That’s around $6.31 Canadian per gallon. According to Gas Buddy, the price of gasoline in Bellingham, WA is $3.26 US or $4.20 Canadian per gallon. For Canadians near the US border, filling up in the US could save a lot of money and make BC climate change bureaucrats think they are saving the earth too.

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