A Little Natural Gas Math For British Columbians

Natural gas seems to be the target of the new Clean BC plan concocted by the NDP and Greens.

I wondered what would happen if BC got rid of natural gas for heating and industrial use.

I was inspired by a graph in this article.

BC consumes about .75 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day (2017). Thats about 8% of Canada’s NG consumption.

750,000,000cf = 219.8GWh per day of electricity according to this site.

That is 80,227GWh per year.

Site C, a very “constroversial” hydro dam in BC, will produce 5,100GWh.

That means BC needs to build 15.73 (lets round to 16) Site C dams just to eliminate natural gas consumption. And that ignores the fact that peak consumption might be a lot more. And I don’t have peak consumption data. It would be alot higher.

As I said, a graph inspired me. It shows the same idea for the UK. And the red is heat demand for UK. I don’t think it includes industrial demand.



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