EU Commission accused of £4.8bn miscalculation over renewable energy subsidies bill

Missed it by just a little

John Constable of the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) claims the EU Commission climate policy report contains a “substantive error”, miscalculating the cost of annual levies on UK consumers by £4.8 billion.

He said the initial bill claimed subsidies would be £1.3bn, when the correct figure is closer to £6.1bn.

Mr Constable also received a confirmation from the commission that the error would be rectified.

A spokesman for the EU Commission said: “You are correct that the largest part of the other subsidies was from the Renewables Obligation and that these were not allocated to ‘financed by end users’ as they should have been.

“Thank you for spotting this error, we are correcting the figures and expect a revised report to be online soon.”

Mr Constable said the miscalculation will have “consequences for all sections” of the report’s overall findings and estimates.

He said: “The study is an important and major statement on the economic consequences of the EU’s energy and climate policies, and it is crucial that such work is as accurate as possible.”

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