A few interesting links

A  few links I found interesting.

Norway Is a Green Leader. It’s Also Drilling More Oil Wells Than Ever

The UK’s October 2019 sure felt like a chilly one, but now official Met Office temperature data has confirmed it — Central England just experienced a month on par with those of the mid-to-late 1600s.

The last mammoths died on a remote island … Why then did the last woolly mammoths disappear so suddenly? … Another possible factor could have been the spread of humans.

Duh! Humans kill a lot of species … not with CO2 … not with warmth .. just guns and spears and bows etc.

The Great Biomass Boondoggle

Arguably one of the most reckless ideas, though, is already well underway: burning “forest biomass”—that is, trees—in power plants as a replacement for coal. The problem with this so-called green energy source is that instead of decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, it increases the amount of COcoming out of the smokestack compared to fossil fuels, and the climate “benefit” is claimed by simply not counting the emissions.  

Biomass-fired electricity plants are on balance more polluting than coal: report

Now I can close a bunch of browser windows that have been open forever.


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