Biofuels do more harm than good, UN warns

Haven’t the “deniers” been saying this for a long time? Biofuels are a cruel joke on the poor. Driving up food prices and creating more CO2.

“The United Nations will officially warn that growing crops to make “green” biofuel harms the environment and drives up food prices, The Telegraph can disclose.

A leaked draft of a UN report condemns the widespread use of biofuels made from crops as a replacement for petrol and diesel. It says that biofuels, rather than combating the effects of global warming, could make them worse.

The draft report represents a dramatic about-turn for the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).”

Billions squandered by idiots.


Paris Bans Cars Due To Pollution

Paris air pollution is getting so bad they are banning half the cars and only allowing cars with odd number plates in on some days and even numbered plates on other days.

I know the world likes to blame bad air pollution in China on the coal power plants, but Paris gets most of its electricity fro nuclear power. So obviously they got the right conclusion – blame cars. Could all the new wealth in China and all the new cars be behind their pollution, and not coal power (or not as much)?

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“Hundreds of police are monitoring traffic in Paris after pollution levels prompted the French government to impose major restrictions.

Only motorists whose cars have odd-numbered registration plates are allowed to drive.

On Tuesday, if the restrictions remain in place, it will be the turn of those with even-numbered plates.

Ministers acted after air pollution exceeded safe levels for five days running in Paris and surrounding areas.

The smoggy conditions have been caused by a combination of cold nights and warm days, which have prevented pollution from dispersing.”

Staggering 20% Increase in Surface Solar Radiation Due to Cleaner Air In Just One Decade

"Clean-air policies in developing countries have resulted in reduced levels of anthropogenic atmospheric 
aerosol pollution. Reductions in aerosol pollution is thought to result in a reduction in haze and 
cloud layers, leading to an increase in the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface, and ultimately, 
an increase in surface temperatures. There have been many studies illustrating coherent relationships 
between surface solar radiation and temperature however, a direct link between aerosol emissions, 
concentrations, and surface radiation has not been demonstrated to date. Here, we illustrate a coherence 
between the trends of reducing anthropogenic aerosol emissions and concentrations, at the interface 
between the North-East Atlantic and western-Europe, leading to a staggering increase in surface 
solar radiation of the order of ∼20% over the last decade."

Abstract here.

Clean air legislation really got going in the late 1970s.

Cleaner Air = More Sunshine

I found this paper on Google Scholar. But I can’t find a direct link anywhere that works.

But it is important so I will put up this post anyway.


Cleaner Air: Brightening the Pollution Perspective?

Colin O’Dowd, Darius Ceburnis, Aditya Vaishya S. Gerard Jennings & Eoin Moran

School of Physics & Centre for Climate and Air Pollution Studies, National University of Ireland Galway

“This study has demonstrated for the first time, using in-situ PM measurements,
that reducing aerosol pollution is driving the Insolation Brightening phenomenon and
that the trends in aerosol pollution, particularly for sulphate aerosol, is directly linked
to anthropogenic emissions. Ultimately, the analysis demonstrates that clean air

policies in developed regions such as Europe are driving brightening of the
atmosphere and increasing the amount of global radiation reaching the Earth’s surface.
The actual impact of cleaner air and insolation brightening on temperature remains to
be elucidated”

As I’ve said before, cleaner air may have warming the earth after 1975. Dirtier air after 2000 may have stopped the warming.