Cleaner Air = More Sunshine

I found this paper on Google Scholar. But I can’t find a direct link anywhere that works.

But it is important so I will put up this post anyway.


Cleaner Air: Brightening the Pollution Perspective?

Colin O’Dowd, Darius Ceburnis, Aditya Vaishya S. Gerard Jennings & Eoin Moran

School of Physics & Centre for Climate and Air Pollution Studies, National University of Ireland Galway

“This study has demonstrated for the first time, using in-situ PM measurements,
that reducing aerosol pollution is driving the Insolation Brightening phenomenon and
that the trends in aerosol pollution, particularly for sulphate aerosol, is directly linked
to anthropogenic emissions. Ultimately, the analysis demonstrates that clean air

policies in developed regions such as Europe are driving brightening of the
atmosphere and increasing the amount of global radiation reaching the Earth’s surface.
The actual impact of cleaner air and insolation brightening on temperature remains to
be elucidated”

As I’ve said before, cleaner air may have warming the earth after 1975. Dirtier air after 2000 may have stopped the warming.