HADCRUT3 Global – Last 15 years

The last 15 years of HADCRUT3 data (up until June 2012). One point for each monthly anomaly. The flat dotted green line is the trend.

It isn’t really flat, it is down -0.017C / decade. 

HADCRUT3 Northern Hemisphere – December and January

Update:  January data is just as unscary as December. I’ve added it at the bottom.

Has anyone ever noticed that the 3rd warmest December in the Northern Hemisphere (according to HADCRUT3) was 1939?

Anyone who wants to remake our fossil fuel economy based on this graph is insane. On top of 2006 being only .095C warmer than 1939, it was only .3C warmer than 3 years in the 1940s/50s. And its just as cold as those 40s/50s years now.

Only two years warmer than January 1863. Doesn’t look too scary. And January’s subsequent to 2007 were much colder than 1863.