USCRN TMax/Tmin/Tmean October 2013 – Russia is Warming at 225F / Century?

The USCRN is the US Climate Research Network. I had not looked at the data in a little while. So I was confused by the state code of SA.

Well, it turned out that the NOAA has added a station in Tiksi, Russia. Which has been warming (Tmax) at 225F/century over the last 3 Octobers.

The USCRN has no stations in Connecticut or Delaware or New Jersey, but it now has one in Russia.  Bizarre.

Anyway, the data is not that old, but here is the USCRN Tmax, Tmean and Tmin trends for October for most of the states in the USA and Tiksi.

Click for bigger.

USCRN Max October data up to 201311

USCRN Mean October data up to 201311

USCRN Min October data up to 201311